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Wildlife, Livestock, Agricultural Fencing and gates

If you’d like to start enticing hedghogs into the garden why not think about installing our hedgehog friendly gravel board. Just install one Hedgehog Gravel Board on each side of the garden to allow a natural hedgehog pathway.
Before the freeze sets in and while the ground is not bone dry it may be a good idea for farmers and livestock keepers to consider their perimeter fencing, We do a wide range of choice, including among others, XFence® Horse Standard XHT-10-90-7.5 50m; Diamon Brand LHT-190-15 Wire Deer Netting XFence® LHT 15-160-75 Lightweight Poultry Wire Fencing
XFence® XHT 13-120-10 Alpaca, Camelid and Llama Friendly Wire Fencing
or the XFence® XHT Premier Wire Stock Fence 100m
Gates are another aspect to consider e.g.

Raised Field Gate

As the hedgerows die back and gaps in boundaries are enlarged what can enter our gardens and do we want it too?
Did you know that badgers are creatures of habitat and will often use the same set run. If a new fence is erected on one of these routes badgers will attempt to either dig under the fence or to break through. The use of a badger gate within the fence line will help the badger move more freely whilst excluding rabbits.
Please be aware access to setts should not be restricted. Finally fencing for the otter is another increasing need but why not take a look at our large range of fencing that should suit everybodies needs.

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  1. I think brick fencing is a popular choice due to low maintenance. Liked reading it. Thank you for sharing.

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