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Thoughts From Our Side of the Fence

>We all know or like to believe that the customer is always right but just sometimes it would be helpful if customers listened to us rather than jump down the phone and try to throttle us. I am sure we all know the feelings of:

1.) “What do you mean you do not do evening or week-end calls, we work Monday to Friday?” – hmm, companies who can offer these facilities are usually ‘one-man’ bands or large nationals, it costs a great deal of money to employ a person to work out of normal office hours and those charges would greatly inflate our prices.

2.) “Don’t try to fob me off with bad weather.” – hmm, well it is very likely we cannot come out to the domestic situation if rain is bucketing down, heavy snow is falling or the fog is so thick we cannot see to fetch and carry. In the domestic situation, heavy rain or thick snow can turn a garden into a quagmire, resulting not only in the erectors slipping and sliding about but in also wreaking havoc on the garden, ploughing up plants etc, where in the dry an erector could step around. The customer would, we are sure be more upset having to replace garden plants etc, at their expense.

3.) “What do you mean he’s late because of a puncture, he’s probably overslept, or you’re trying to slot in another job before mine.” – hmm, oh dear, the sad reality is that we stand to lose custom by not fulfilling our duties and putting in additional jobs will not gain the custom lost by a dissatisfied customer.

4.) “You told me approximately 5 weeks and now it is six.” Our time-scale usually covers holidays but occasionally it may take us a few more days than expected to schedule the work dates and of course sickness is the perennial thorn that cannot be anticipated.

5.) “You need to sort out your IT, everybody should carry, not just a mobile phone but a blackberry, a tablet, a laptop and be available to customers.” Hmm, I expect people like British Gas can do this but they are a national company, we are happy to deal with customers in the office or through the shop, by telephone or e-mail but again costs to the customer would be accelerated to pay for all these IT gadgets, not to mention the service bills that would be generated.

6.) “You did a job for me and now the wood is warped, split, shrunk and I expect you to change it.” The sad reality of working with natural substances like wood is we have no means of measuring its life expectancy, in the case of wood it can warp, split, change colour, seep resin and all of this is beyond our control.

Jarrett Fencing timber materials are preservative treated, unless specified otherwise. Timbe is a natural organic material and will contain knots and sap, the timber may well swell, shrink and or, warp which can cause splitting to occur; this is to be expected and M F Jarrett & Sons, T/a jarrett Fencing cannot be held liable and or, responsible to exchange goods or refund monies in this event.

This meets with British Standard: ENISO9000; 1722 parts: 4, 5, 6, 7 and 14 – No. 3470.

When our customers’ shout and scream at us in indignation about their rights we all become a trifle frayed and put out, none of us retain the initial enthusiasm and trust that was engendered at the time of the estimate. Please be assured that Jarrett Fencing does not intend to cause distress and frustration to its customers, we always aim to work to our scheduled times and dates but dealing with the environment and being mere humans we may not always maintain the high standards we all would like.

Please be assured Jarrett Fencing will always strive to fulfil customer’s orders to time and we will endeavour to keep our customers informed of the latest position of their order. Fortunately, by far the majority of our customers prove to be a friendly and taolerant bunch who make doing business a pleasure.