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Jarvis Homes In Harpenden

We regularywork for Jarvis homes and on this occasion it was 2 jobs in Harpenden.

Job 1:

We supplied and installed

 2 x 3mt x 300mm trellis ( small squares) to right hand side of fence using metal post extenders, plus 7ft high trellis to complete rear fence scribed between the posts and secured to the arris rails and post so that the top line is approx 300mm above the existing trellis.

Job 2:

We supplied and installed

1 x 7ft high P.A.R wall plate bolted to wall

 1 x 9ft high P.A.R post bolted to wall

1 x 2ft1 inch high bow top trellis panel made from kiln drilled P.A.R battens with 1 inch open squares and attached between the post and wall plate.

Job 3:

1 x 4in x 4in post screwed to concrete post

1 x wall plate

1 x 1.75m x .945m wide closeboard gate with galvanised fittings.