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Wildlife, Livestock, Agricultural Fencing and gates

If you’d like to start enticing hedghogs into the garden why not think about installing our hedgehog friendly gravel board. Just install one Hedgehog Gravel Board on each side of the garden to allow a natural hedgehog pathway.
Before the freeze sets in and while the ground is not bone dry it may be a good idea for farmers and livestock keepers to consider their perimeter fencing, We do a wide range of choice, including among others, XFence® Horse Standard XHT-10-90-7.5 50m; Diamon Brand LHT-190-15 Wire Deer Netting XFence® LHT 15-160-75 Lightweight Poultry Wire Fencing
XFence® XHT 13-120-10 Alpaca, Camelid and Llama Friendly Wire Fencing
or the XFence® XHT Premier Wire Stock Fence 100m
Gates are another aspect to consider e.g.

Raised Field Gate

As the hedgerows die back and gaps in boundaries are enlarged what can enter our gardens and do we want it too?
Did you know that badgers are creatures of habitat and will often use the same set run. If a new fence is erected on one of these routes badgers will attempt to either dig under the fence or to break through. The use of a badger gate within the fence line will help the badger move more freely whilst excluding rabbits.
Please be aware access to setts should not be restricted. Finally fencing for the otter is another increasing need but why not take a look at our large range of fencing that should suit everybodies needs.

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Hurricane Katia to Hit the South Today

Hurricane Katia is Hitting the North today but even coming South we can anticipate winds of 50 – 60 miles an hour, are your fences ready for this; take a look at our Concrete Repair Spurs it could make the difference between saving your panels and having to replace them.

Concrete Repair Spur

Quantity: each £6.83 All prices include VAT.

Size: 100mm x 75mm x 1m high.

A Concrete Repair Spur is the cheapest and quickest way of securing a weak or damaged timber post. It will add years of life to a post. See our DIY guides or look at the product on line.

Also take a look at our Arris Repair Brackets

Repair Bracket – for arris rail to concrete post
This Repair Bracket provides a quick DIY solution to fixing a damaged arris rail to a concrete post. Cut Off tennon of one end of arris rail that…

and our Repair Bracket – for arris rail to timber post
This Repair Bracket provides a quick DIY solution to fixing a damaged arris rail to a timber post. Simply place the repair bracket on top of the…

And, if you are within a 20 mile radius of Stevenage we can of course suply and fit.

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The Great North Run

Hi, Our administrator Janette Sibley has just informed us that she is running with her friend in the Great North Run this year, 18/9/2011 on behalf of the RNLI.

If anyone would like to help Janette and her friend Jackie to support the RNLI then go to:

Do you know it costs upwards of £1000 to provide clothing for a full crew member, his gloves and boots alone cost £16 & £42 respectively.

Many people think the RNLI is a Govt. body but far from it, we wish Janette and her friend Jackie every success in their challange.

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Special offer on St Meloir Panels

1.8m High St Meloir PanelOur 1.8m High St Meloir Panel was £56.99, now only £43.

The St Meloir Panel is made from planed, ‘Tanalised’, pressure impregnated treated FSC certified timber and finished in a pale green colour, with the latest generation wood preservative.

It is the most popular of all our European range of fence panels and adds elegance to any garden.

In order to protect your fence panels and add years to their life span they should be isolated from the ground by either a timber or concrete gravel board. We also offer a range of timber and concrete slotted posts that will help insulate your panels from damp.