XFENCE® XHT8-80-15 Premier Wire Stock Fencing 100m


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Uses: General livestock control.

Livestock XFENCE® is manufactured to deliver the ultimate in simple stock control. Incredibly straight forward to erect, almost self supporting and very low maintenance. XFENCE® is manufactured using high tensile wires and one piece vertical wires. This provides an immensely strong fence that not only dissipates any pressure put upon it but also requires fewer posts, thus making it faster and easier to erect.

The advantages of buying livestock XFENCE®.

* XTRALIFE coating lasts 3-4 times longer than heavily galvanised wire.

* X Knot configuration is proven to be 24% stronger than any other.

* Unobtrusive smooth surface X Knot greatly reduces the risk of fleece removal or hide damage.

* Labour and material savings.

* Spring like properties retain through its life providing an effective fence for life.

* Pre-stripped ends for ease of tying off and joining

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